Windows 11 Will Have Xbox Series X/S Auto HDR and Direct Storage Capabilities


Windows 11: During today’s Microsoft broadcast (24), the company announced that Windows 11 will be the “best version ever created for games” and announced some new features, such as improved performance and game loading and the arrival of Xbox’s Auto HDR feature. Series X/S on PC, which implements the technology automatically with no user effort.

For those on the outside, the feature implements the technology even in games that do not support HDR (High Dynamic Range, a technology that works on compatible monitors and TVs that drastically improves black and white levels, leaves colors more vivid and contrasts with images). The Xbox Series X/S and already use Microsoft’s implementation of backward compatible games, but now gamers will have the same benefits on the PC.

The company said during the broadcast that more than 1,000 games will support the feature, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Rocket League, Halo and many others, without any kind of implementation by the developers: the system itself implements HDR in games. The requirement is that titles use the DirectX 11 API

Direct Storage API in Windows 11 Games

Among other new developments, Microsoft also revealed that Windows 11 will benefit from the improved Direct Storage I/O API, which results in faster access to game data installed on the system, which can improve game performance and loading that are on a high-speed SSD, taking advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture of the Xbox Series X/S.

In short, the GPU (video card) of powerful PCs can access Windows title assets without having to overload the CPU (processor), removing a possible bottleneck in the rendering pipeline. Translated, possibly all gamers will benefit in some way from playing on Windows 11 over Windows 10.


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