Windows 11 Will Drop Skype and Favor Microsoft Teams


Windows 11 is expected to mark the end of Microsoft’s forced operating system integration with the Skype messenger. According to the Windows Latest website, one of the absences felt in the leaked build of the platform is the messenger used for audio and video calls.

Apparently, Skype will no longer come pre-installed, although it’s still available for download from the Microsoft Store for those interested. The meeting shortcut button on the service, which appeared on the Windows 10 taskbar, is also gone.

Instead, Microsoft must prioritize the integration of services and advertising over Teams, the communication platform that applies to both corporate and educational media as well as quick chats.

Less and less relevance

Officially launched in 2003, Skype was acquired by e-commerce site eBay two years later. In 2009, control passed to a group of investors and, after another two years, Microsoft took over the brand for $8.5 billion.

Despite being in the market for a long time, the platform was unable to strengthen itself and become a communication alternative in the covid-19 pandemic. On the contrary, the app lost even more space to services like WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams itself.

Still, in the last year, Skype got an unexpectedly built-in Windows 10 integration for video calling and a quick video chat creation button.

Among other updates, the platform brings new visuals, which include an updated Desktop design, as well as new standardized wallpapers and more space for Widgets.

The announcement of the system with its main features and details about the update will take place on June 24th, this Thursday.