Windows 11 Will Come With Dark Mode Active As Standard


Windows 11: One of the most anticipated and demanded features by users in all applications is night mode. It is a function that replaces light backgrounds with darker ones, which helps the visualization of the application in general. However, it is not something that comes standard on all devices or apps and is part of a later update. But in the house of Redmond they have other plans and it is very likely that Windows 11 will appear by default as standard.

Active night mode in Windows 11 as standard

Windows 11 will bring great aesthetic and performance changes to all computers on which they are installed. If you arrive from Windows 10, you will surely notice it, but whether you come as a new user or updated, the new interface will surely surprise you. But what may catch your attention in one way or another is the arrival of a new way of conceiving the operating system, especially if you use it from a tablet.

But use it on any device you may notice how off the serial operating system looks. And it is that everything indicates that we will soon see the arrival of Windows 11 with the night mode already integrated. This is a great novelty since the operating system has always arrived with the browser with a white background.

At least this is what TechRadar tells, where they also point out that the company already dropped it at last week’s event. The claim was that ‚Äúsince we spend so much more time staring at bright screens, not only receiving endless emails, but also countless meetings and keeping up with our personal lives, so your eyes can rest, we will send all copies with the mode active night. “