Windows 11 will benefit all hybrid CPUs, Microsoft confirms


Windows 11: Intel revealed some details of its new processors and technologies last Thursday (19). Among the novelties, the so-called Thread Director stood out, a feature that promises to optimize the performance of CPUs in Windows 11 — however, this benefit will not be exclusive to Alder Lake processors.

Hours after Intel’s announcement, Microsoft’s lead software engineer Chris Kleynhans confirmed to Digital Trends that Windows 11 will benefit all hybrid processors, not just those that support Thread Director.

He explains that while some improvements to the new operating system’s task scheduler require hardware-related responses from Team Azul, there are still many others “applicable to other hybrid CPUs.”

Kleynhans says an example of these improvements is task selection for each core, something Windows 11 will be able to accomplish on all hybrid processors. Despite this, it’s worth noting that Thread Director still gives Intel a certain edge — at least so far, before the release of new competing CPUs.

Microsoft has not yet detailed the average performance gain of hybrid processors in Windows 11, but it is already possible to get a sense of the improvements through preliminary tests. Using a model from Intel’s Lakefield family, an increase of 5.8% in the efficiency of performing multi-core tasks and 8.2% in single-core tasks was observed.

The numbers, while not seeming to be very relevant, show how much Windows 11 is already prepared for hybrid processors. Considering the gains in the Lakefield model, without Thread Director and aimed at handheld devices, it is possible to expect even more benefits with the use of newer and optimized hardware for the upcoming operating system, which is currently in beta.


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