Windows 11 Will Allow You To Install Android Apps From Outside The Official Store


Windows 11, announced this Thursday (24), will be available soon with a series of new features, including the possibility of running Android applications on the computer. However, there is a limitation: users will only be able to download to their PC the software available from the Amazon Appstore.

In the official announcement, Microsoft has not made it clear whether it will allow the programs to be downloaded outside of the Amazon app store. But in messages posted on Twitter, the developer of the Redmond giant Miguel de Icaza, who works directly on the project, said that this will be possible.

Responding to a follower who questioned him about the possibility of installing apps outside the Windows owner’s official partner store on the new generation of the operating system, Icaza said “Yes!” That is, the engineer confirmed the possibility of installing Android apps on Windows 11 by sideloading.

With the confirmation, users of the new Windows will be able to access a greater amount of Android apps on their computer, as the number available on Amazon’s Appstore is much lower than that of the Google Play Store. It just wasn’t clear how the process will work, if it will be as easy as installing any program or if there will be extra procedures.

Google Apps Can Be Left Out

The ability to sideload (install apps outside the official source), confirmed by the developer, does not necessarily mean that we will be able to install any Android app on Windows 11. Google apps, for example, may not be supported.

As reported by XDA, installing such programs depends on supporting some of the search giant’s APIs. Apps such as Google Maps may not work correctly, as may others that need integration with Google services.

It is also worth remembering that the practice of sideloading requires some care on the part of the user. And the reason is the security requirements normally found in official stores, which may not be followed by other sources.


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