Windows 11: We Downloaded And Tested The Operating System


Windows 11: Microsoft will hold an event on June 24 to introduce the long-awaited new generation of its desktop operating system, but a major leak has revealed almost everything about Windows 11.

As expected, the main changes in Windows 11 are visual: Microsoft discontinued the Windows 10X project, but brought several solution design concepts to its new OS. Even with the new face, the final experience is still quite similar to what we already have in good old Windows 10.

It is also important to note that the build that is running on the internet does not represent the final version of the system and changes may occur until the event on the 24th. That said, check out our hands-on and first impressions with the leaked version of Windows 11.

New look

The visual changes of Windows 11 start with the installation and boot of the system. The updated version of Microsoft’s software has a new startup sound and a different logo, flatter than the conventional one.

On the desktop, the look is now very reminiscent of the canceled Windows 10X. Windows 11 edges are more rounded, while system icons bring more colors. In addition, the Start Menu, which is usually present in the left corner of the interface, appears centered, but the user still has the option to switch to the classic view.

Windows 11 also has more animations. While Windows 10 brings a simpler experience using gradients and highlights, the new edition of the operating system oozes bouncy icons and more responsive windows. The user experience becomes more vivid and resembles competitor solutions, such as macOS and some Linux distributions.