Windows 11 Versions Appear In Certification List


Windows 11: Recently, the Bluetooth certification website SIG published a list of possible versions of Windows 11. According to the entity, the operating system should receive variants for different types of audience, including the traditional “Pro”, “Home” and “Education “. However, there is also the presence of new names, such as “Pro for Workstations”, “Pro Education” and “Mixed Reality”, indicating new developments.

Although the site does not describe details about the Windows 11 variants, it is possible to assume that the differences between them are small and aimed at their respective niches of use. Taking the case of Windows 10 as an example, there are few changes between the “Home” and “Pro” versions, the most relevant being related to security features such as BitLocker.

As such, it is speculated that the “Pro Education” version of Windows 11 will come bundled with Office suite applications by default, while the “Pro for Workstations” will be geared towards workplace productivity. However, it is noteworthy that Microsoft has not yet confirmed details about the variants and, thus, it remains to wait for the official announcement — expected in the coming weeks.

Rumors suggest that Microsoft will release stable versions of Windows 11 next October and, until then, the operating system can be tested by users during its beta phase. Check the requirements and how to install it by clicking here.


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