Windows 11 Upgrade Tool Updated: Here’s What’s New


Windows 11 upgrade tool has been updated. Microsoft is releasing a new version of the upgrade tool to avoid some confusion regarding compatibility. To help overcome some of the compatibility confusion, Microsoft has updated the Health Check app to show more information about why your PC doesn’t support Windows 11.

If you are one of the people who downloaded the old version, the application will be updated automatically. If you haven’t downloaded it, you can download it here.

The upgrade tool will tell you why your computer does not support Windows 11

On which systems Windows 11 will or will not work created some confusion in the minds of users and did not give any information about why your system did not support it in the previous version of the tool. Now it reports your system’s shortcomings in TPM, disk space, memory, secure boot and processor. With this warning, you will at least be able to learn which feature of your system is missing.

However, sometimes the vehicle’s messages still do not shed light on some details in some cases. For example, there is no information about why your processor model is not supported. So if you want to do a system upgrade for Windows 11, you need to do some more research on which part is not supported.

Normally, when you were in the old version, you could not learn in any way for what reason your system did not support it, but with the new version, you will be able to learn which hardware device you are having problems with.

Microsoft is expected to create a clear schedule for processor support and TPM chip. So you can wait for the stable version to be released before trying to procure a new system or part.


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