Windows 11 Update Worsens AMD Chip Performance


Windows 11: Last week, AMD unveiled a statement about chip performance declining in computers that upgraded to Windows 11, officially released on October 5th. Unfortunately, it seems that the first update of the operating system from Microsoft didn’t fix the problems and even deteriorated the performance.

According to information from the TechPowerUp website, the latest update released for Windows 11 left computers with even higher latency. Tests performed with a Ryzen 7 2700X chip revealed slow response in the L3 cache, which went from 17ns to 31.9ns.

Two bugs fixed by the end of the month

According to AMD, there are two problems: the first one has already been commented and is in the L3 cache latency; the second mistake is related to processor core management, which should direct applications to the faster cores — the problem tends to affect machines with 8 or more cores.

Despite being a serious issue for AMD processor owners, a patch update will be released before the end of the month. Microsoft is rumored to release an update on October 19th that may fix the L3 cache issue, while the core fix is ​​expected to arrive before the end of October.


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