Windows 11: Update Bugs Mixed Reality Devices


The arrival of Windows 11 also means the appearance of new bugs involving Microsoft’s operating system, especially in the first versions of the platform. And one of them in particular has annoyed users who use Mixed Reality (MR) devices that are paired with PCs from the manufacturer.

According to reports on Reddit collected by the Windows Report website, Windows 11 is preventing the installation of the Windows Mixed Reality app — which is essential for compatible devices like the HP Reverb G2 to run tools and games from the headset.

In other cases, the application is even installed, but performance drops considerably and crashes become constant. The error window below has been reported by some users.

The problem seems more common in clean installations of Windows 11, that is, those that are not merely system updates but the formatting of the disk so that the platform is inserted “from scratch”. Still, those who have just migrated from Windows 10 traditionally have also seen problems on a smaller scale.

So far, Microsoft hasn’t commented on the case, but a minor update is due out soon to fix the flaws.


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