Windows 11: Update Brings Native Integration With Microsoft Teams


Windows 11: One of the changes Microsoft brought to Windows 11 was native integration with Microsoft Teams, the company’s video calling service. The first beta versions, however, did not have the feature. Now, Microsoft must finally release the update with functionality for Windows Insiders users.

To access the application, just click on the Chat icon, located on the taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut “Windows + C”. Once that’s done, a window redesigned exclusively for Windows 11 opens, with chat options.

The user does not need to have a Teams account to be able to use the native tool of the new OS. For example, if you want to send a message to someone who is not in Teams, they will receive it directly by email or SMS. In addition, you can sync Skype and Outlook contacts and respond directly to message notifications.

The initiative to integrate the icon into the Windows home screen came after the service reached more than 145 million daily users in April.


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