Windows 11: Third-Party Widgets May Arrive Soon


Windows 11: According to leak expert FireCube, who has already hit other rumors about Microsoft, support for third-party widgets could soon come to Windows 11. The leaker posted images on Twitter showing instructions from Microsoft to publish and make widgets simpler to use. be found in the Store and on the Widget Board.

Among the screenshots released, one explains the procedures for registering packaged and unpackaged applications, as well as support for widgets based on the web format. In the latter, the brief description says that there is “more to come later”, which indicates that new ways of including widgets in the system should arrive in a future update.

One of the images published by FireCube shows some advantages of using Adaptive Cards to create third-party widgets. In addition to low memory and CPU usage, “anyone can build them”. According to the leak expert, all this information means that Microsoft is getting ready to make an official announcement soon.

Windows 11 is now available for download for free for those who have Windows 10. Check the requirements to download the system.