Windows 11: Taskbar Cannot Be Moved and Fans Complain


Windows 11 was officially unveiled last Thursday (24) and, since then, Microsoft’s announcement has generated both celebrations and several outcry from the user community. In addition to the possible lack of compatibility with various CPU models, another source of complaints is the inability to move the taskbar in position in the new version of the operating system.

In the next version of Windows, the bar with icons and shortcuts can only be in the original position and that has already been shown by the brand, that is, at the bottom of the screen. The region will not have the “People” section yet, it has lost the ability to have areas customized by other apps and certain icons in System Tray on some devices.

The change was already noticed by users in the leaked and incomplete build of the operating system, but it was confirmed by Microsoft in a list of platform specifications.

Users who moved the taskbar to the top or one side of the screen are dissatisfied, asking the company to step back on social media and mobilizing topics in subforums on Reddit. At least for now, there are no indications that the company will release the customization of the resource.

Will the company go back and allow changes to the taskbar? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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