Windows 11 Task Manager Has New Interface in Edge


Windows 11: Microsoft has announced an update to the Edge browser that will change the way the service is displayed in the task manager. Available to Windows 11 users on the Insider test program who use the stable version 94 of Edge, the initiative tries to explain in more detail the use of program features for performance tweaking.

Currently, the task manager represents the different activities of the software with the same icon and name. After the introduction of the new feature, the program’s multiprocess architecture will be highlighted, including descriptions about GPU tasks, extensions, among others, as you can see below.

More details and control

The browser processes, which manage tabs and control the basic interface of websites, the GPUs, responsible for communicating with the graphics processing unit to display videos, for example, and the crashpad processes, which send error reports, now have icons unique.

Plug-ins, extensions and other utility services are displayed with their respective names and functionality, while tabs are given an appropriate nomenclature, along with subframes, which are normally used for advertisements.

Some processes may have multiple items listed in the manager. In this case, the user can select them for expansion and monitoring.