Windows 11 Still Has Interfaces From The Windows 7 Era


Windows 11: With a more modern look, far-fetched and full of animations, Windows 11 debuted in style this week. Microsoft’s new operating system seeks to provide a futuristic feel in its design language, with minimalist elements without dispensing with some very detailed touches. To achieve this feat, the company was inspired by current trends, but also revisited some ideas from the past.

Despite so many innovations, some elements of Windows 10 have remained in the interface of its successor, leaving users with a sense of “déjà vu”. For example, mention is made of the tool to configure power plans, which despite having a “renewed” version, still appears in the new operating system as an “alternative”. Interestingly, its look has also been repurposed from Windows 7 and hasn’t changed significantly since then.

Similarly, there are other little old “disguised” elements in the Windows 11 interface, such as the old submenu represented as “Show more options” when right-clicking.

However, the presence of these features is not exactly an impediment, but a curious factor that can be understood as something to be improved in the future or a discreet “alternative” for the most nostalgic users.


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