Windows 11: See How To Place the Start Menu On The Left


Windows 11: After a long time with the traditional “Start Menu” in the lower left corner of the screen, Microsoft decided to innovate and change the place button. In Windows 11, which is currently available in beta, the command was placed in the middle part, which ended up not pleasing many people.

Many users complained about the new location, saying the choice made the software “weird”. As much as the change is a matter of habit and adaptation, it can be undone at any time.

1. Right-click on the “Start Menu” bar and then access the “Taskbar Settings” option to access the menu options.

2. In the new window that opened are all the options for moving the bar. To change the place of the Start Menu, go to “taskbar behaviors” (or Taskbar behavior, in direct translation)

3. Then click “taskbar alignment” (or taskbar alignment) and select the “Left” option. The Start Menu will return to the position it has occupied since Windows 95.

If you are a fan of Windows 11’s centralized Start Menu and already want to use the new feature in the current version of the system, here’s how to change the position of the Windows 10 icons.