Windows 11 SE: System May Have Simplified Version For Companies


Windows 11 SE: While everyone awaits the announcement of Windows 11, a new version of the operating system has been reviewed by XDA Developers. As per the information, Windows 11 SE will be an edition of the software with significant restrictions.

Apparently, it is the successor to Windows 10 Cloud – a lean version of the OS that only supports software from the Microsoft Store. Despite offering more security and better performance, the concept was not well received by users.

Windows 11 SE will likely be aimed at businesses and educational institutions. Data found by XDA Developers indicate that the operating system may receive improvements according to the proposed use.

However, the images posted on the page show that this version of the software is quite restricted. For example, the Settings area has fewer options than in the “full” edition.

Microsoft Store blocked and an “online” account required
Surprisingly, access to the Microsoft Store appears blocked and a message asks you to contact your IT administrator. A very strange restriction, as the brand singles out the store as the safe source for downloading apps.

In addition, Windows 11 SE must require the PC to be configured with a Microsoft account. Although it was possible to create a “local account” to access the machine in previous software, this option seems not to be available in the tested build.

Win32 software support

Amidst various restrictions, Windows 11 SE appears to throw an exception for Win32 apps that aren’t in the Microsoft Store. Interestingly, this was a feature that wasn’t available in Windows 10 Cloud.

A possible explanation for this opening is the possibility that companies limit employees’ access to specific and necessary software for their work. But, as said, the OS must enable new options according to the proposed use.


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