Windows 11 Prevents Reverting To Old Start Menu


Windows 11 prevents returning to the old start menu. Microsoft has completely removed the feature that made Windows 10’s start menu available in Windows 11. Let’s say that this is not a feature offered by Windows anyway and you have to take some actions when you want to return to the old start menu.

Windows 11 became controversial as soon as its first version was released. As the users who are currently testing the operating system, we provide you with the game tests carried out on different devices and the information about the general performance of the systems as they come to light.

Now we are here with a development in the latest version of Windows 11, which is in the testing phase, and demoralizes users who are testing the operating system. It seems that Microsoft wants the start menu, one of the innovations brought by Windows 11, to be used by everyone and not to return to the old start menu.

Windows 10’s start menu is no longer available in Windows 11:

Previously, an article was shared on the site called Tom’s Hardware about how to use the start menu of Windows 10 in Windows 11. In the shared method, you had to go into your computer’s registry and play with a few settings, which was not recommended as it was not shared by Microsoft. However, we can say that the new operating system gives a little taste of Windows 10.

Now, the last shared version of Windows 11 causes this method to no longer work. For this reason, the start menu of Windows 10 cannot be used in the new Windows 11 operating system.

We can say that it is not difficult to understand the reason for this. Microsoft wants users who test the operating system to use the new start menu and to get used to this menu, to get feedback about errors. After all, users in the testing program are there to give feedback on new features. For this reason, it is difficult to say that Microsoft is unfair at this point.


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