Windows 11: Pictures Show New Paint Design and Photos


Microsoft unveiled the new Paint and Photos application interfaces that will be available in Windows 11. The disclosure was made discreetly in an operating system profile in the Unsplash photo-sharing community and showed what the new look of traditional imaging programs will look like. .

Since 2012, Windows uses the design called Metro by Microsoft, which has proven obsolete. With the new operating system, the company is betting on a new visual program for most of its applications, such as Clock, Voice Recorder, Calculator, Office and Notepad.

What’s New in Imaging Programs

The images released by Microsoft indicate that Paint is replacing the traditional ribbon menu with a header in the Fluent design, similar to the new File Explorer, following the rest of the Windows 11 operating system, with rounded corners and WinUI controls.

With that, the program now has a simplified toolbar, highlighting the options to perform basic tasks, such as “File”, “Edit”, brushes, copy and paste, undo and redo, among others.

In addition to the new look, Microsoft is also apparently tweaking the old software to be compatible with touch-enabled computers, though there are no additional features announced. By the end of the year, the company will probably be able to disclose more news.

The Photos app will have a new editing experience, with tools floating above the image, similar to Android or iOS mobile apps.

Update from other apps

Microsoft will begin releasing updated programs for Windows 11 in the coming weeks to gather consumer feedback. The company is also working on a new Outlook and Teams client, based on Microsoft Edge WebViewer, for the new operating system.

For now, the Teams 2.0 app is available for Windows Insiders and Microsoft’s redesigned Outlook program (previous version) will be released later this year.


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