Windows 11 now runs on Mac with Parallels Desktop 17


Windows 11: The Parallels Desktop 17 virtualization software will allow Mac owners to use Windows 11. According to the company, support for the new operating system from Microsoft will reach part of Apple computers, including models without Boot Camp.

Launched this Tuesday (10), the new version of the program will be compatible with machines with Intel and M1 processors. As in previous editions, the OS is run from a program window.

Support for the M1, ARM-based processor, is a major achievement and reveals the power of Apple’s first chip. What’s more, Parallels Desktop 17 allows the user to take advantage of many functionalities of both platforms.

The M1 video driver improves the interface responsiveness and gaming experience for the Microsoft system. Meanwhile, virtualization makes it possible to use the OS’s battery-saving mode as if it were running on native hardware.

Apple processor users will still have a few more advantages with Parallels Desktop 17. According to the company, the program will bring 20% ​​performance improvements and a safe boot through a virtualized TPM.


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