Windows 11: New Build Brings Improvements To Start Menu And More


Windows 11: On Wednesday (1), Microsoft posted on its Windows Insider blog details about the new Windows 11 Build 22509, which brings to the Dev Channel some changes based on feedback from Insiders. You will now be able to configure the number of lines of pinned applications and recent documents in the Start menu. Before, users were tied to three lines each.

To adjust the menu, just right click on the “Start” icon and you will be taken to the settings. You can choose between displaying more pinned apps, more recent documents or the default theme.

Another change present in this build is the display of the clock in the taskbar of secondary monitors, when they are connected. This change was not present in the original release of Windows 11 and was another response to user feedback. However, the update is not yet available to all Insiders as Microsoft intends to monitor performance before fully releasing the function.

Other changes

Microsoft also highlighted some improvements in navigation using Microsoft Edge and Narrator, the screen reader feature in Windows. According to the company, “typing in the edit fields should now be faster, more useful information is provided when browsing the web, and ultimately you will have a more consistent browsing experience with Narrator.”

Furthermore, when using the shortcut Ctrl + L, the user will be taken directly to the web address bar and will be able to type. Also according to Microsoft, this update can help by filling in different form fields, such as name and address. Narrator will also give you more contextual information on navigation; mandatory fields will receive the “required” notice.