Windows 11: Microsoft Store Brings New Look, More Apps and Zero Fees


Windows 11: Microsoft today (24) introduced the new Microsoft Store app store, which is present in Windows 11. In addition to bringing a new look, the platform accepts more apps and does not have fees for developers, unlike competitors such as Play Store and App Store.

The store has a cleaner look and was made from scratch, according to the company. The design change follows Windows 11 standards and promises to mark a new era for the platform.

While the Windows 10 store was launched with a focus on UWP apps, the new platform is more open. The Microsoft Store now also accepts Win32-standard apps, which are widely popular in the operating system, but did not appear inside the store.

To encourage use of the platform, the company also cut Microsoft Store usage fees. According to Panos Panay, developers will be able to use their own payment methods and keep 100% of the revenue acquired with apps launched on the Microsoft Store.

To get a taste of everything to come in the new Microsoft Store, the company has showcased some programs in the system store. In addition to popular Adobe software and social networks like Pinterest, users will be able to download the Amazon Store on Windows 11, which will allow them to access Android apps on the operating system.

More details about the new Microsoft Store will be revealed later today (24). The company will hold an event focused on developers at 4 pm (GMT)