Windows 11: Microsoft Shows You How To “Bypass” TPM And CPU Checking


Windows 11: Some Windows users are experiencing hardware incompatibility issues in the Windows 11 update, released last Tuesday (5). In installation verification, the system may prevent the update because of TPM 2.0 or CPU. However, Microsoft itself has published a way around this problem.

The errors, which can be displayed in the installation verification or in the PC Health Check application, can be pointed out to the lack of support for CPUs and the lack of TPM 2.0. The security module should bring more guarantees to users, that’s why it has been required. To “get around” these errors, Microsoft Support has shared a registry change that can be made.

Installation on “ineligible” devices may not be “guaranteed to receive updates, including but not limited to security updates,” Microsoft warns. Users should also be careful when making changes to the operating system registry, which can cause PCs to malfunction if done incorrectly.


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