Windows 11: Microsoft Sets New Developer-Only Event


Windows 11: Microsoft will hold a new conference for the afternoon of June 24, 2021, hours after the event that is expected to mark the unveiling of the Windows 11 operating system. The presentation will be for programmers, developers and professionals only, and is scheduled for 4pm (Brasilia time) of next Thursday.

The invitation just says “Tune in here to see what we’re up to for developers,” but you can speculate that the broadcast involves how apps from previous versions of Windows will be ported to the new operating system.

A build of the platform was recently leaked — check out our impressions here! — and a lot of people have already had a preview of how the apps will work. However, the company must provide additional details as well as new initiatives for the community. In addition, new information is expected about the next release from the Microsoft Store and perhaps Windows 11 SE, which is a possible separate enterprise release.


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