Windows 11: Microsoft recommends Intel Evo and forgets about AMD Advantage


Windows 11: Last week, Microsoft said that buying “a new computer” is one of the best ways to try out Windows 11, in a post on its official blog. While completely disregarding the current crisis in semiconductor supply and the complaints of its users, the suggestion still retains its veracity, as users who have new devices will have a superior experience thanks to new technologies.

Microsoft came forward and, to facilitate the understanding of more lay users, recommended that interested parties look for the “Intel Evo” seal when searching for a new notebook. Launched last year, the certification from the namesake company guarantees that certain models have the greatest technology available on the market, in all aspects, from their processor to the screen and inputs.

Interestingly, however, Microsoft did not list the AMD Advantage label in its recommendations. Having the same purpose as the Intel Evo, Team Red certification is given to notebook models that feature the Ryzen 5000 series and Radeon RX 6000M GPU, based on the efficient RDNA 2 architecture — plus other leading-edge technologies. The surprise comes when considering that these components are officially supported by Windows 11, even with its restricted list of requirements.

As the website Neowin suggests, Microsoft’s decision may have been made to avoid conflicts with the giant Nvidia, as the AMD Advantage label highlights the benefits of “red” GPUs, its main competition. Similarly, the low availability of AMD-certified notebooks may also have played a role in the case, despite their respectable performance.

However, the situation could change with the upcoming arrival of Intel graphics cards. It remains to wait for Microsoft’s position on the case.


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