Windows 11: Microsoft Explains New Wallpaper and Logo


Are you curious about what inspired Microsoft teams in the development process of the new Windows 11 wallpaper and logo? This was the central theme of the last video posted on the Windows Insider Program channel on YouTube.

In it, company professionals offer explanations about their decisions, such as adopting the Microsoft logo in blue as the new symbol for Windows 11. According to Christina Koehn, Creative Director, the brand must evolve, even without leaving aside aspects consistent with its trajectory.

According to Laurence Vincent, Product Marketing Manager at big tech, the operating system needed to be “breathed in new life”. “We had to make sure people looked at the result and thought, ‘Yes, I like this!’ and ‘Yes, this is Windows!'”, she indicates.

So, the duo details the need for the work to start from the central layout of Windows 11, through which functionalities “blossom” from the start menu. In the video, the team even presented the wallpaper in an animated way, despite the current OS version showing the work only statically.

“It’s not just the ideas that can flourish or just projects, but the person, capable of discovering new things,” says Vincent. “Moreover, we would have unpublished materials and make them talk to each other”, adds Koehn.


Christina goes further and argues that the look provided by the surveys represents the diversity of the Windows audience, since it can be handled in a way that meets various preferences without harming the impact it causes. “It suggests the platform’s ability to adapt to the expectations of those who use it,” she stresses.

Finally, Laurence points out that bringing Microsoft and Windows together was essential, given the integration of several products and services of the giant in the system. “I’ve always considered logo a kind of signature. I, for example, have a signature. I have a face, a voice, an accent. All of this provides information about who I am.”

“We are dedicated to design in a smooth way, without introducing excessive complexity into our creations. I believe this is becoming part of the brand as well,” points out Koehn. “We introduced a small change in appearance, but a substantial change in its meaning,” says Vincent.

“With these four squares, which represent Windows, Microsoft and Surface, we are becoming, instead of a company with brands, a company with its brand”, concludes Christina.


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