Windows 11: Microsoft Drops Leaked Build Download Links


Windows 11: Microsoft has started in recent days to remove download links and references to storage of the leaked build of Windows 11, the next version of the company’s operating system for PCs.

According to the website TorrentFreak, several addresses of services that hosted the leaked version’s ISO are no longer in the air, on services such as Google Drive and Mediafire. Only one specific technology site in Japan had text removed: instead of just a preview or hands-on of the platform, as was also published by TecMundo, the page had a tutorial for you to download the system yourself.

However, according to the page, Microsoft’s action has been relatively slow and the company is not as committed to eliminating all traces of the update. The reasons are not explicit, but may have to do with the already high circulation of downloading on various services, including torrents and private forums.

In addition, interestingly, one of the addresses dropped under US copyright law (the DMCA) refers to the original version of the platform an article from the specialized site The Verge, which showed a preview of the leaked system — virtually confirming that the version obtained by journalists is, in fact, the official one.


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