Windows 11: Microsoft Confirms Calm and Smooth Sounds in Dark Mode


After a brief controversy over dark mode being released as the default in Windows 11, Microsoft said the company will ship the new operating system in light mode to all manufacturers, so they can choose the one that their users prefer. However, after some testers noticed that the sounds between the two modes are different, the Redmond company confirmed the information.

The response to the question, posted on Monday (5) on the BleepingComputer website, states that, as Microsoft has focused on “making technology calmer”, the company chose to also change the soundscape of Windows 11 when in mode dark, adopting a more contained profile.

This way, when operating with less intense colors, the system can present much calmer and smoother sounds, with “a much more ’rounder’ wavelength” than those characteristic alert tones of Windows 10 and also of the clear mode of Windows 11.

Why didn’t Microsoft make quieter sounds the default?

Microsoft explained that if in Windows 10 sounds are crisp, that is, created with crisp wavelengths, “in Windows 11, we focused on making technology quiet. To do that, we had to reassess our soundscape for it also stay calm”. The result makes bright mode sounds sound louder and much sharper, while dark mode sounds muffled and smoothed.

The idea, according to the statement, is that these calmer sounds maintain their ability to alert or notify, but without overwhelming the user. So why not apply these changes to both modes? To this question, Microsoft clarified: “so that people with reduced or total visual impairment can experience lighter and darker themes audibly”.

You can compare the two types of experience in the video below. Check out.


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