Windows 11: Manager Reaffirms Need For Minimum Requirements


Windows 11: During a recent Q&A webcast, Aria Carley, Program Manager at Microsoft, commented on the minimum requirements for Windows 11 and how the company can block downloading for incompatible devices. According to the professional, the company will be able to determine, through telemetry, if the computer with Windows 10 will have support for the new OS and, if not, the update will not be offered.

At the six-minute mark, Aria is asked about the OS offering by Windows Update on incompatible devices. “We know it’s ‘a drug’ that some will be ineligible for Windows 11. (…) The reason for this is to keep computers more productive, with a better experience and, most importantly, with greater security.”

Aria says the company doesn’t want consumers to be too concerned about the criteria. The technical specifications of each PC will be analyzed by telemetry and only compatible ones will receive the update offer.

The manager explained that the requirements are present as Microsoft has verified that certain devices will be negatively impacted by the system if they do not meet the hardware criteria.

Group Policy does not allow “bypass” hardware limitations to install Windows 11. “We will block the product update because we want your devices to remain secure,” added the manager.

Minimum requirements

During the OS announcement, the security chip used in Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM 2.0) motherboards was revealed as one of the requirements for the update, both in notebooks and desktop PCs.

Some computers have the part disabled by default, which can cause diagnostic errors; see how to check and activate the component’s presence in our tutorial. To no one’s surprise, Microsoft’s announcement sent the module’s price up, as well as suffering an inventory crisis in June.

According to the requirements, the final version of Windows 11 needs an 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake or Zen 2 processor from AMD to run. On June 28, the brand reported that it is testing 7th generation Intel and AMD Zen 1 processors, so a change in criteria is still possible. See all technical details for the update on the company’s official website.

Microsoft is currently testing the beta version of Windows 11 with developers, which does not follow official requirements. As it can be installed on more computers, the test edition should also help.


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