Windows 11: Leaks Show New Menu Layout


Windows 11: This Tuesday (15), prints of the supposed Windows 11 leaked on the internet. Screenshots show the new operating system interface and the “Start” menu.

Application icons appear in the center of the taskbar and the menu is simpler, without dynamic tiles. The interface changes are similar to what was shown in Windows 10X, which included a more minimalist look and which was canceled by Microsoft shortly thereafter. In the screenshots, the operating system is identified as Windows 11 Pro.

In addition, the Windows 11 build was also leaked, confirming that the screenshots are true. The compiled OS version can be downloaded from the website.

Apparently, Microsoft already has plans to launch Windows 11 in the coming days. This is because the company is preparing an event to be held on June 24th. The Redmond giant is piqued the curiosity of fans and published a video with “relaxing sounds” which, in fact, are the sounds of older versions of slowed down Windows. The clip has 11 minutes in total.