Windows 11: Know What The Bets Are For The New OS from Microsoft


Windows 11: At 12:00 (GMT) on June 24, Microsoft will present, at an event, the “coming around” for its operating system. Rumors indicate that instead of just an upgrade to Windows 10, the company will release Windows 11, as the animation it released displays two vertical columns projected onto a surface similar to the number.

Yusuf Mehdi, a company executive, posted on his Twitter profile that he “has never been so excited about a new version of Windows since Windows 95,” bolstering the theory. In addition, Big Tech CEO Satya Nadella has promised it will be “one of the most significant updates of the last decade”, just as Chief Executive Panos Panay talked about the “next generation” of the OS.

In any case, the news is known to come from a project, for now, called Sun Valley, which Microsoft refers to as a “sweeping visual rejuvenation” of its PC solution — and radical changes are expected on the way. , many of them originated from Windows 10X, discontinued by the giant.

For those who use it and for professionals

A new start menu, brand new system icons, rounded corners on elements and application integration are some of the expectations, which go beyond simple interface changes. Fixes for persistent issues related to displaying programs on multiple monitors, Xbox Auto’s HDR feature, and improvements in Bluetooth audio support are also expected.

In fact, given that Satya Nadella has secured the unlocking of “greater economic opportunities for developers and creators,” another product that might get attention is the Microsoft store.

The expectation is that it will allow the submission of any tool, including browsers and third-party trading platforms, thus eliminating the obligation to charge a share of the winnings (for example, the 12% already announced for those who wish to bet on it, in the case of games).

If all these predictions come true, it is possible that Windows 10 will not be its “last version”, as pointed out by the company itself, and that the company will renew its interest in the platform, in view of the growth in use presented during the pandemic.

That, ultimately, would boost the sale of hardware, a huge advantage for other manufacturers.