Windows 11 Is Released In Brazil And Can Now Be Installed


Windows 11: This Tuesday (5), Microsoft launches Windows 11 and releases its official availability in Brazil and in other countries. Despite this, Windows 10 users with compatible devices can already install the new operating system (OS) since yesterday (4), due to the time zones of other countries.

Windows 11 is considered to be one of the most important Windows updates. It remains focused on offering software as a service, although it now brings the user to the center, as Microsoft has indicated. With the announcement, the more than 1.3 billion devices with the previous version can perform the installation, which will be divided into phases:

First phase: new devices and qualified machines

Phase Two: Upgrade Eligible Computers

According to Microsoft, the expectation is that “all qualifying devices” will be updated by 2022. However, not all users will need to upgrade as soon as it becomes available. Windows 10 will continue to receive support and updates from the company until 2025, when its lifecycle ends.


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