Windows 11 Is Officially Released By Microsoft


Windows 11: Microsoft released this Thursday (24) the long-awaited Windows 11. The new generation of operating system for computers had already been the target of a series of rumors and leaks in recent weeks. The OS build was even available for download for a few days, before the company dropped the pages.

About updates to the security system, Microsoft Product Director Panos Panay says that Windows 11 is the most secure so far.

New look

With a minimalist look, Windows 11 gained a more modern look and clearly inspired by the Windows 10X project, which was discontinued by the company. One of the main differences appears right on the desktop, with the Start menu centered, unlike previous versions, when it was left-aligned by default.

Other visual changes include a new tab called Widgets for checking news and weather forecasts; windows with more rounded edges and Live Titles as an optional feature.

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