Windows 11 Is Faster Than Windows 10, Benchmarks Show


Windows 11, which should be officially unveiled next Thursday (24), is apparently faster than Windows 10 in some activities. At least that’s what initial benchmarking tests reveal comparing the two versions. However, it is noteworthy that the leaked build of Windows 11 may not yet be the final release.

According to data shared by the Windows Latest website, the new version of Microsoft’s operating system tends to be faster in web browsing, overall performance, 3D rendering and more.

Testing was conducted with a Samsung Galaxy Book S with Intel Core i7-L16G7 processor, Lakefield running Windows 10 21H1 (May 2021 update). At the other end, the leaked version of Windows 11 was used.

What is Windows 11 faster at?

In a performance test on the GeekBench 5 tool, Windows 11 was 5.8% faster on the multi-core tests and 2% on the single-core test, a small improvement. Already in tests with BrowserBench, which measures web browsing speed, the new version proved to be 10% faster running Google Chrome v91.

On Cinebench R23, Windows 11 was 8.2% faster in the single-thread test than Windows 10, registering a slight increase of only 58 points — in comparison, the systems registered 766 points and 708 points, respectively.

Finally, tests with 3DMark showed a slight reduction: 4286 points registered in Windows 10 and 4266 points in Windows 11. As Windows 11 has not yet been officially introduced, it is also worth noting that there are no specific and updated drivers for this version yet. .


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