Windows 11: How To Enable Drag And Drop On The taskbar


Windows 11 arrived to fix the flaws and improve the experience we already had in Windows 10, but Microsoft ended up “killing” tools loved by users in the new edition of the operating system. One of the casualties of the version released this year is “Drag and Drop”, the function of dragging and dropping items on the taskbar to use them in programs.

While Microsoft has not provided predictions of bringing “drag and drop” to Windows 11, there is already a way to utilize the functionality in the operating system. This is possible thanks to a program made by fans with a very literal name: Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar.

Available on GitHub, the program is free to download and works very intuitively. Below, see how to download and configure the functionality.

1 – Enter the Windows 11 Drag & Drop to the Taskbar page on GitHub and download the executable file (.exe) in its latest version.

2 – With the program downloaded, click on the program to run it. The functionality is active when the icon with the face of Monalisa is present in the taskbar — it normally appears in the right corner, in the menu that hides items.

3 – With the new thing in action, just drag the icons to the programs, as it happens in Windows 10.

4 – To configure the startup of the program with the system, right-click on the Monalisa icon and open the “Configure” menu. In a text file that will be opened, select “1” to have the software open on system boot or “0” to perform the action manually.

5 – To uninstall the program, just close it in Windows 11 and delete the initially downloaded executable.

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