Windows 11 Has Constant Notifications About Customization and Hardware


Windows 11: Those who like to customize the operating system will have to tell Windows 11 that it doesn’t need their suggestions. According to Windows Latest, Microsoft’s release brings new recommendation features that, through notifications on configuration screens, encourage the reversal of settings to default mode.

An example given by the vehicle concerns the attempt to prevent screens from being completely turned off in the section dedicated to device power settings. Although the OS offers varied alternatives, when selecting any option such as “Never”, the platform indicates a high consumption of resources, as well as displaying a button that allows you to undo the action.

In addition, reminders related to big tech services were not left out of Windows 11. Also on the settings screen, a message indicates that the Office 365 subscription may expire soon, for example, in addition to displaying a button that guarantees simplified renewal .

Storage alert

To prevent data loss, hard disk backups are more than recommended, and it is not uncommon for the worst to happen in many situations where this precaution is delayed. Fortunately, in Windows 11, you can get ahead of the unexpected, as another notification will indicate hardware problems.

It appears both in the aforementioned settings screen and in the alert center. For now, the novelty is restricted to NVMe SSDs, and there is no forecast that it will include other models, even if expectations point to an expansion of “coverage”, which even provides details related to the health of the components.


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