Windows 11 Gets New Beta Version; See The News


Windows 11: Almost a month ago, Microsoft announced the first beta version (Inside Preview) of Windows 11. Today (15), the company released the new test version of the operating system, the 22000.71. The update already has improvements compared to the previous version, 22000.65, released last week.

Check out the changes

The first novelty in this version is the entertainment widget, in which the user can check out movies that are featured on the Microsoft Store. To do this, just open the Widgets panel, choose the option “Add Widget” and click on “Entertainment”.

The floating menus — which appear when right-clicking — have also been updated and will now be displayed with an “Acrylic” effect. In addition, the taskbar icons have gained a more modern look.

Fixed bugs

In addition to the new features, some system bugs were also fixed. Check out the main ones:

By dragging and dropping an icon to the taskbar, the program was started or minimized;
Mouse moved more slowly when hovering over the taskbar;
The Settings app, which was not displayed correctly;
The “Forgot my PIN” button was not displayed among the login options;
The floating menu in the File Explorer disappeared before the user could choose any options

Check out all bugs that have been improved.

Microsoft also listed known bugs for the new version. According to the company, the user may not be able to search the Start menu, notice a “disappearance” of the Widgets panel (for this, it is suggested to turn off and turn on the PC), and have difficulty accessing the Install button in the Microsoft Store. You can follow all the issues identified in build 22000.71 on the Microsoft website.


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