Windows 11 Gets Mandatory New Update With Fixes


Windows 11: This Tuesday (9), Microsoft released another set of updates for all its officially supported platforms. Naturally, Windows 11 stood out and received a slew of important fixes and improvements in the “KB5007215” package, bringing its build number to “22000318”.

In more detail, the new patch pack solves L3 Cache reading issues on AMD processors, a factor that hampered its performance on Windows 11. In addition, the new patch also prevents some native applications — such as Emoji Dashboard and Tool Captures — stop working unexpectedly due to expired certificates, a minor annoyance but also noticed by users.

To recap, it’s worth noting that both fixes aren’t exactly new, as they were available as Technical Previews in the Windows Insider program. However, it was necessary to do the installation manually, if desired, being a somewhat exclusionary process for most of the public. Now, in contrast, the package “KB5007215” is mandatory and arrives for all users automatically.

Similarly, the update also introduces other general and technical improvements to Windows 11, which Microsoft has given brief descriptions.


The update package “KB5007215” can be installed directly from Windows Update, located in its respective section of the “Settings” application in Windows 11. When accessing this screen, just click “Check for Updates” and proceed to the installation process, thus that available.