Windows 11 Gets Design Improvements In Office And More Programs


Windows 11: The Windows Latest portal has identified the use of the translucent design language Mica in more Windows 11 apps. In an operating system (OS) preview release, Microsoft has updated the title bar of the “Comment Hub” and “Tips” apps .

This means the change can be released in a new OS version or a cumulative update in the future. This aesthetic is similar to Aero Glass in Windows Vista and 7, which creates a “glass” effect in the programs interface, allowing you to see certain colors of the computer’s background. Windows Latest speculates that Microsoft may treat Mica as a standard design element in apps that use the Universal Windows Platform.

Micah in Office

Also according to the portal, the company is working on a new design for Office desktop programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Notepad.

Reddit user SixUnitedXbox claims he’s already received a new Word that uses Mica, the customer says he uses the Office 365 beta, so it’s possible the aesthetic is still in the testing phase as other individuals in the discussion complained that it doesn’t received the news.

It is noteworthy that services such as Chromium Edge, Capture Tool, Photos, Calculator and Paint, among others, have already gained the Mica effect.

Will not affect performance

In August, Microsoft reinforced its commitment to the performance of Windows 11, saying that the design changes will not affect the system’s speed. In the case of Mica, the interface takes a sample of the background once, so it won’t try to simulate the wallpaper colors in every frame.