Windows 11 Gains Support For PowerToys, Which Improve OS Usability


Windows 11: PowerToys, a set of tools that allows you to improve the experience in Microsoft’s operating system, gained an updated version for Windows 11. As it should happen in all apps of the OS, the novelty is already available in the Microsoft Store.

The feature was born in Windows 95 and had a brief passage through the XP version of the operating system. PowerToys “hibernated” for a few years, until they recently reappeared in Windows 10.

In general, the toolkit does not target the average user, but it does bring some features for more technical users, usually the so-called “power users” in the Windows Insider Program. PowerToys are free open source software capable of changing features to increase productivity or just add a touch of customization to the system.

What are Windows 11 PowerToys like?

The Windows 11 version of PowerToys has a set of 9 tools. One of the newer PowerToys is Awake, an add-on that prevents your PC from going into sleep mode. There are also other tools, such as PowerRename, which allows you to rename several files at once, and others with self-explanatory names: Image Resizer, Color Picker and the PowerToys Run launcher.

A popular feature recently is the PowerToy Video Conference Mute, which mutes the microphone and controls the webcam system-wide. With it, you can easily change your participation in any type of videoconference, regardless of the application used, without having to figure out how to do it and even with the interface closed.

Until the Windows 10 release, PowerToys was only available through the GitHub source code hosting platform or the “winget” command line in the Windows Package Manager service. Now, the tool will be easily detectable directly in the Microsoft Store, through this link, but only if you already have a version of Windows 11 running on your machine.


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