Windows 11 Fixes Organization Issue With Multiple Monitors


Windows 11: Users who installed the leaked build of Windows 11 reported that the experience of using two or more monitors was improved. The fixes made by Microsoft prevent open windows and programs from being disorganized on secondary screens, the reports note.

Currently in Windows 10, when the system goes into sleep mode to save energy, open windows tend to get disorganized or in different places when the computer is awakened. This specific point would have been corrected by the company.

In the new version, a feature allows Windows 11 to “remember” where windows were already open before going into sleep mode. What might appear to be a small improvement actually fixes something that frustrates users who use multiple screens at the same time.

In the new video controls, there is also another mechanic. When the user turns off a secondary monitor, the windows open on it are only minimized, not relocated to the primary monitor. These two functions must be optional, however.

Version not yet official

Windows 11 is scheduled for release next Thursday (24). With the build leaked, the new features are being explored and revealed by users of the operating system.

However, it is worth noting that this is not an official Microsoft distribution. Among others, malicious users can propagate downloadable malware versions to fool more hurried users. The recommendation is to wait until Microsoft itself discloses all the details of the new version.


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