Windows 11: Fake Installers Infect Computers With Malware


Windows 11: Kaspersky antivirus security researchers have identified that scammers are using fake Windows 11 installers to infect computers with malware, adware and other malicious files.

Windows 11 will be released worldwide only in early 2022. So far, only the group of customers enrolled in the Insider program has had access to the new operating system from Microsoft after it was launched last month.

However, it is possible to find, in unofficial sources, files that promise to install the new version of Windows. Due to the curiosity to know the new features in advance, many people end up being victims of cybercriminals.

malicious installers

Scammers trick users by inserting something else into files available for download. Windows 11 installer lures are being used to send everything from adware (considered almost harmless by defense systems) to dangerous trojans capable of stealing passwords and other data.

The fake programs simulate the Windows installation wizard, and even present a license agreement, which almost no one reads. After accepting the terms, a second installer is run to deploy potentially malicious programs.

How to install Windows 11

To learn about the new version of the operating system, the user must have Windows 10 installed on the computer, register for the Insider program and download it from the official Microsoft website.

Currently, the operating system is available in beta for developers, which involves bugs and some instability. The company promises that it will release a more stable test edition of Windows 11 soon.


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