Windows 11: Everything We Know About The Update So Far


Windows 11: In recent days, Microsoft decided to arouse the curiosity of people who are waiting for the release of Windows 11. However, to the misfortune of the company from Redmond, a lot of information has already been leaked on the internet this week, and even the very build of the operating system . With the leaks, it was possible to get a first look at the look of the next generation operating system.

From the images, you can see that the new generation has great similarities with Windows 10X, Microsoft’s canceled project. Icons can now be centered on the taskbar and the menu is cleaner and no longer has dynamic tiles. It is important to point out that it is still possible to change the settings so that the icons are on the left, as they are currently.

The file management icons have also been updated, taking on a more sophisticated and modern look.

The new snap feature allows the user to arrange two or more windows side by side or any way they prefer.

By all appearances, the widgets should also come back to the operating system, with a news feed, weather and game reminder.

The new operating system will also feature the ability to switch between pages and screens using four-finger gestures.


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