Windows 11: Cortana Will No Longer Be Present At Startup


Windows 11: This Thursday (24), Microsoft officially unveiled its latest operating system, Windows 11, but a well-known voice was left out of the party. Full of new features, the user interface is more minimalist and easier to design for everyone. However, there are some changes that were left out of the ad, such as the Cortana virtual assistant.

Microsoft’s iconic artificial intelligence was removed from the Windows 11 first-boot process. Previously, Cortana was responsible for “helping” users through the first sequence of system settings, but it took considerable time to act, and for some users , became a nuisance over time.

In this context, another change that might be welcome for users looking for a more minimalist experience is the absence of Cortana from the Windows 11 taskbar. Previously, the virtual assistant had a default shortcut next to the classic “Windows” button and ended up taking more space than helping, as it could take time to provide answers on slower systems.

The news, initially seen by The Verge, were only revealed on the official specifications page for Windows 11. The changes may indicate a new direction for the operation and design language of the operating system, which will also feature a new Microsoft Store.


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