Windows 11: Check Out The Top 5 Updates


Windows 11 was officially launched in Brazil this Tuesday (5th), after months of waiting for users. The new operating system was first introduced in June, full of news, and is now available for free on the Microsoft website.

The user who wants to update can consult the PC Health Check app — available on the official Windows 11 website — to confirm that the computer has all the necessary requirements to run the new operating system.

If you’re missing out on what’s new in Windows 11, we’ve prepared a list of the OS’s top highlights. Check out:

Microsoft Store with Android Apps

Thanks to the company’s partnership with Intel and Amazon Appstore, the Microsoft Store will now feature Android apps for the first time. The novelty is not yet available, but will come in a future system update.

In addition, the store interface has also changed to ensure a more responsive experience. According to Microsoft’s official website, users will be able to install apps like Canvas, Disney+, Zoom and even the Epic Games Store today.

Integrated teams

To ensure more connectivity between system users, Windows 11 now features the Microsoft Teams application with native taskbar integration, replacing the old Skype, which lost market during the pandemic.

Microsoft Teams appears on the Windows 11 taskbar. For those who don’t like the app, the system allows the shortcut to be disabled.