Windows 11 Can Get Free Upgrade To Windows 7 and 8.1


Windows 11 had a version leaked on Tuesday (15) and many enthusiasts have already started rummaging through codes, folders and operating system options in search of secrets.

And one of the surprises seems to have been revealed: apparently, Microsoft will offer the free upgrade to the latest version of the platform for those who have original versions of older models. The discovery was made by the XDA Developers website, which found some product configuration keys on the platform for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

The original report didn’t actually test the path — which can still be unstable, since it’s a leaked version — and noted that there are references to Windows 8, but without all the steps to effect the update.

Decreasing fragmentation

Also, it’s possible for the update to be cumulative, meaning that Windows 7 device owners must first move up to subsequent versions before getting to the most current one. The strategy follows a current Microsoft plan to avoid fragmenting the user base and to try to attract the majority of the community to the latest versions.

By 2019, Windows 10 has reached 50% of the company’s customer base, while version 7 has completely lost support, despite still being heavily used.


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