Windows 11 Brings Smooth and Calm System Sounds; Listen Here


Windows 11: Tired of the Windows 10 sound experience? Microsoft is preparing improvements to its new operating system. Windows 11 audio designer Matthew Bennet has informed CNBC news site that the company’s next OS sounds try to be quieter and quieter, alerting the user without too much annoyance or intrusion. According to a Microsoft representative, the audio wavelength will be more “rounded”, following the interface changes for a “lighter” experience.

Bennett, who left the company in February, provided a number of examples of this change. Check below some of the new alert sounds compared to traditional Windows 10.

In addition to the new audios, it was revealed that the operating system’s dark mode noises will be lighter compared to the traditional interface. In addition, the dark mode will feature sounds bringing a light echo effect, as if the computer were in a spacious room.

The Windows 11 designers drew inspiration from calm technology, defined by Xerox employees Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown as a source of information that can easily reach the center and peripheries of a user’s attention.

In a post on Microsoft’s Medium, the company reinforced the inspiration: “Calm is very much needed in today’s world and depends on our ability to feel in control. Windows 11 facilitates this through the fundamental experience that is familiar, softens the old Intimidating UI and increases emotional connection”.


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