Windows 11 Brings New Feature For System Updates


Windows 11: This Thursday (1), the site Ghacks released a new and long-awaited feature of Windows 11, the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. The change, found during testing, allows users to estimate how long it will take for the computer to restart after an update.

In detail, the change can be seen directly on Windows Update and is signaled by a small icon, followed by the estimated time to complete the update. In addition, the tool itself is more efficient, with less frequent downloads and more relevant to users.

According to Ghacks, Windows Update tests revealed that the tool performed the update within the estimated time, but much faster than expected. The total time to complete the process was 1 minute and 10 seconds, significantly less than the previous forecast of 5 minutes.

The change in Microsoft’s approach of not only providing a completion preview for updates, but also offering it with an “extra time” so as not to disappoint users is quite significant, especially when considering the company’s track record with the program.

Previously, Windows Update was criticized for having too many minor updates, which delayed system startup and often caused unexpected errors in programs already installed. Fortunately, it looks like Microsoft listened to its users.

More optimizations

To complete, the Redmond giant confirmed that Windows 11 will receive annual updates, as occurs in MacOS. The decision will allow platform developers more time to fix problems, improving the end user experience. The company also claims that the new operating system will be 40% smaller than its predecessor, also speeding up the download process.

Windows 11 is available to users of the Insider program, still in its trial version. Its official launch should take place soon, over the next few months.


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