Windows 11 Brings Native Integration With Microsoft Teams


Windows 11: Microsoft introduced Windows 11 today (24) and revealed that the system will feature native integration with Microsoft Teams, the company’s work and video calling software.

Despite Teams being famous in the professional field, the company introduced the new feature showing users of the platform making video calls with family members. The Teams icon can be placed directly on the Start Menu and features a contact list for easy interactions.

In addition to allowing quick video calls, Windows 11 also lets you send text messages through Teams. All service windows follow the operating system’s new visual standards, with rounded edges and transparency effects.

Teams integration with Windows 11 comes after the service grew during the pandemic and reached more than 145 million daily users in April. The platform’s success ended up taking Skype out of the spotlight. Previously present in Windows 10, the classic video conferencing service does not appear pre-installed on the new OS version.

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