Windows 11 Beta is Updated With a Number Of Fixes and Improvements


This Thursday (9), Microsoft released two new preview versions of Windows 11 for developers and users in the beta channel. Build 22454 is full of OS-wide fixes and improvements, while 22000.184 features minor optimizations and officially recognizes issues reported by public testing.

In the announcement, Microsoft also clarified that upcoming “technical” builds of Windows 11 will be numbered higher than those found in the beta channel versions. This change occurred after the company authorized the distribution of versions still in active development for the developer channel, reflecting in a “more up-to-date” experience than expected for the release of the new operating system.

Version 22454, aimed at developers, features discrete changes to the context menu when interacting with the “Recycle Bin” shortcut, displaying options that match the new Windows 11 aesthetic. Similarly, the “File Explorer” context menu will have an option to pin network shared files in the “Quick Access” section — no extra clicks, as in the previous version.

In addition, Microsoft has also started tests to improve the Korean input methods in Windows 11. The company said that the changes should offer better performance and reliability during use, but that they should only reach some users initially.

Fixes on the way

Moving closer and closer to its release, Windows 11 has previous versions with fewer new features and more improvements, seeking to achieve the most polished user experience possible on the day of its debut. In this context, the new build for developers stands out for presenting a long list of visual and functional bug fixes.

On the other hand, beta version 22000.184 is more discreet and only recognizes problems reported by users, which should be fixed in future builds. As for corrections, the described changes are related to small translation errors in the system.


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